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MyNordstrom is one of the leading American multinational companies with over 74,000 employees working in it. Users can check their activities through MyNordstrom employee login portal

MyNordstrom is one of the leading American multinational companies that produce various goods like shoes, garments, purses, etc. The company is indeed vast with over 74,000 employees working in it. With digitalization, the company felt the need for creating an online mynordstrom employee portal that would help in easing the work of Nordstrom employees.


This motive led to the formation of Mynordstrom Employee Portal. Mynordstrom employees can access a number of activities through the nordstrom employee login online. They can schedule their payments, use services like my pay & info, check attendance, report payrolls, login and go through the numerous benefits that Nordstrom company offers their employees and so on.


The Mynordstrom Employee portal has brought an ease of transactions and business within the company and also helped in reducing a lot of paper work. If you are a Nordstrom Employee, here are a number of amazing things that you can do by using Mynordstrom Portal. Follow the article to know more

Below to visit official MyNordstrom direct access portal login

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Mynordstrom Employee Login portal

How Much Do MyNordstrom Employees Make?

Nordstrom is one of the most widespread networks of multinational companies having an equally huge number of employees which rounds up to 74,000. Now generally the salary of a Nordstrom Employee depends mostly on their rank of employment. However, as per their claims, a NS employee is paid an average of $73,151 yearly.


Here is a classification of rank-wise Employee salary –

  • Average of $40,151 to $128,120 a year.
  • CCO make an average of $296,308 a year.
  • Clothing/Fashion/Apparel Make an average annual salary of $23,844
  • Software Engineer: $68k – $126k
  • Assistant Buyer: $49k – $87k
  • Graphic Designer: $43k – $84k
  • Retail Store Manager: $36k – $89k
  • Department-Manager (Retail Store): $35k – $67k
  • Assistant Department-Manager: $24k – $60k


Nordstrom Employee Login

If you are a Nordstrom Employee and want to log in to Nordstrom Employee Portal, here is how you can do so

  1. Go to the Mynordstrom Employee Login
  2. Enter your Employee # (Employee Identification Number) and Password.
  3. Now enter the Employee Number and Password that was initially provided to you when you joined Nordstrom.
  4. Enter the required credentials.
  5. Lastly, hit on the Login

That is it. You will be now logged in to Nordstrom Employee Portal.


Mynordstrom Password Reset

In case you have forgotten your Nordstrom Password and want to reset it, here’s how you can do so –

  1. Go to Nordstrom employee login
  2. Click on Request, Reset, or Forgot Password.
  3. Enter your Employee Number.
  4. Click on the option of – Request Password.

Just make sure to change your Nordstrom Employee Password every 120 days since it will become invalid later on.

Mynordstrom Reset password link


Check Nordstrom Employee Schedule Online

You can now easily check your Employee schedule at Nordstrom by using the simple guide below –

  1. When you join Nordstrom, you will be given a Registration key. This Registry key will be needed in further steps. So firstly, make sure you have one.
  2. Go into com.
  3. Click on the link Login to my Schedule.
  4. On the Login page, click on- Self-service Registry.
  5. Enter Your Employee # (Employee Identification Number) and the Registry Key.
  6. Now hit the Login
  7. Next, choose and answer any five safety question. Then click next.
  8. Enter and save your password.
  9. Finally hit the Finish
  10. Now go to the My Schedule tab.
  11. Then click on the link Login to My Schedule.
  12. Log in using your password.


That’s it. You can now check your employee schedule wherever and whenever you want.


Nordstrom My Pay And Info

Here’s how you can login to Nordstrom My Pay and Info –

  1. Visit com.
  2. Select My Pay & info tab
  3. Click on the Request a Password
  4. Enter your Username.
  5. Click on Ok so as to Confirm Your new request.
  6. You will now receive an email. Open it.
  7. Click on Reset Button to link mentioned in your email.
  8. Now enter your new password and then verify it and hit the Submit
  9. You can now use your new password to Login into My Pay & Info.


Mynordstrom Employee Benefits

Mynordstrom offers a number of various benefits to its employees. Some of which have been listed below –

  • Online Payroll Access
  • Online Schedule information
  • Safe Staff Portal
  • Online Linkage
  • Online Employment
  • Vacation and Paid Time off
  • Paid Sick leave
  • 401k Pension plan
  • Casual Atmosphere for dressing
  • Bonus Pay
  • Life Insurance
  • Dental-Plan
  • Health-Insurance
  • Health Plan-Incentives
  • Healthcare Spending-Accounts
  • Maternity Support-Program
  • Vision-Plan
  • Disability Insurance
  • 20% Online Discount
  • Child care Discount


How To Fix “Cannot Access To Mynordstrom Sign in Not Working” error?

Just like any other technical platform, even Nordstrom Employee Portal comes with a few glitches. Generally, Mynordstrom Employees face an error while they try to sign in on the Nordstrom portal. The error that is most common is – “Cannot Access To Mynordstrom Sign in Not Working”. But nothing to worry as here are a few workarounds that can help you deal with it.

  1. The most common reason for the most common issue could be a defective internet or broadband connection. Make sure that you have good internet connectivity. You can do so by going to any other site or simply Google.
  2. Clear cache and cookies of your browser. If even that does not work, try using another browser to sign in or log in.
  3. See if you have entered the right password, username, and other required credentials. You might be missing out a little detail and thus the whole issue might be occurring.
  4. Make sure that you have logged into the right link of Nordstrom Employee Portal.
  5. When you login to your account for the first time, do not forget to reset password later on as this password will not be valid for a longer time.


Nordstrom Help Desk For Employees


  • Customer Service – 1-888-282-6060
  • Fax Number – 206-628-1795
  • Post Mail – 1617 | 6th | Ave | Seattle| WA | 98101


Final Words

I hope the article was useful to you. And I assume you have successfully logged in to Mynordstrom Employee login and completely making use of the Nordstrom Online Portal. In case you want any more information, feel free to ask us in the comment section below. We will be happy to help.


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